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Plaster Partition Block

Plaster Partition Block

The Plaster Partition Block is used for unload inner partition. It does no harm to human health though it has much contact with human, for it discharge no harmful gases and no radioactivity heavy metal. Besides, it can adjust the temperature; preserve energy, heat preservation and heat insulation, so it is typically a kind of green building material. Plaster Partition Block is also known as Gypsum Block.

PPB can be divided into three types
  • Solid
  • Hollow
  • Stuffed/filling blocks.

According to the general construction code, the ideal dimension of Plaster Partition Block is 666±3 mm in length and 500±2 mm in width and (60,80,90,100,110,120)±1.5mm in thickness. Namely the overall of three pieces of blocks are 1m2. The apparent density of solid block is no more than 1000kg/m3. While hollow block no more than 700kg/m3. a single piece of Plaster Partition Block is no more than 30kg