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POP Powder

POP Powder

Our POP Powder is pure and flawlessly white, named as Jainik Plaster of Paris. POP Powder undergoes several tests during its manufacturing process which makes the whiteness of Jainik Plaster of Paris durable for years. We manufacture, supply and export POP Powder and have gained a strong foothold in the market.

Steps For Quality Control Includes Below Criteria
  • Primary Silica Separation
  • Data examination for setting time and flow.
  • Secondary Silica Separation
  • Mess Examiner
  • Whiteness Examiner

The result of evaluating these criteria removes shrink or crack after drying thus our Ultra Plast is very user friendly and doesn't create much problems for the user. POP Powder is also available in good quantity at affordable prices. Our plaster settles slowly thus gives enough time to the worker to complete his work and causes less wastage of material. Our POP Powder can be customized as per the requirement of our valuable customers.

Product Range For Plaster Of Paris
  • Building Grade
    • JAINIK Super Plast
    • JAINIK Ultra Plast
  • Ceramic Grade
    • JAINIK Super Cera Plast
    • JAINIK Ultra Cera Plast
  • Commercial Grade : JAINIK Fine Plast

Our Packing range also adds an advantage to our POP Powder because it is available as per quantity required by the customers. Jainik Plaster of Paris products are packed in laminated moisture-proof bags, in the packaging of 2 kg, 5kg, 25 kg and 40 kg. This secures product quality and ensures that the products reach with same parameter as they come from the production line.

Minimum Order Quantity : 16 MT